The Henry M. Murray Agency, Inc. has been providing business insurance to people in Annapolis, Maryland for the past 130 years. We are an independent agency that specializes in offering insurance to restaurants, catering companies and several other specific niches in the business world. We understand that every restaurant owner has different insurance needs. Some of the policies we offer include:

  • Business Crime Insurance policies cover your losses in the event of internal or external theft. It is essential for restaurants that handle a large amount of cash.
  • Business Income Insurance provides ongoing income if you have to temporarily close your restaurant.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance protects your financial interests in the event of an accident with a company vehicle while an employee is delivering food. It also covers the personal vehicles of your employees.
  • Employer Liability and Workers’ Compensation protects you if an employee sues your for wrongful termination, sexual harassment or you are accused of hiring workers not authorized to work in the United States. It also provides income to workers who are injured on the job in one of your restaurants.
  • General Commercial Liability insurance protects you from financial devastation if a customer is hurt on your business property and later sues you. It covers most types of accidents as well as illnesses caused by food.
  • Property Insurance provides financial compensation for fire, vandalism, damage due to severe weather and other events outside of your control.

Call for a Free Quote or to Evaluate Your Current Policy

Most Annapolis, Maryland business owners never stop to consider that they may be paying for insurance coverage that they don’t need. One of the easiest ways to save money is to have your current policy reviewed by the Henry M. Murray Agency, Inc. We can suggest ways to save, such as bundling policies or increasing your deductible. Our agents are highly qualified and experienced, with more than half of them having at least 15 years of experience in the business insurance industry.

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