Ever since 1881, Murray Insurance has been a very trusted independent insurance agency in Annapolis, Maryland. One of the company’s specialties is providing hospitality insurance. They work with breakfast operations, hotels, motels and inns throughout Maryland.
Because this is an independent insurance agency, they can offer businesses several insurance policies. They can also help create a comprehensive, customized insurance program that will fit their budget and needs.

Insurance Programs 

Hospitality businesses and hotels have different insurance needs. Contact Murray Insurance to set up a meeting with a hotel insurance specialist. Your hotel insurance specialist will help you select the insurance plans that are right for you. Below are some of the options that are available for you:

General Commercial Liability

Business liability insurance protects against injuries and accidents including but not limited to food borne illnesses, slip and fall and other liabilities that are related to businesses.

Property Insurance

It does not matter whether you own a bed and breakfast or a large scale hotel, it is essential for you to have property insurance. You will not be able to keep your business running without it. Property insurance protects against weather, fire and other damages. You have options available that will cover your equipment, building, fixture and furniture.

Guest Property Insurance

This is just as important as property insurance. It protects the property of your guests. You can get optional coverage to extend protection against theft or damage to your guests’ properties while they are on the premise.

Business Income Insurance

This coverage will protect you from lost income if your business is suspended.
Employers Liability And Workers Compensation

There are several different types of insurance that will protect you from claims that your employees make, such as illegal alien allegations, sexual harassment and discrimination. Workers compensation insurance will protect you from employee-related injuries and accidents.

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