Insurance is an expense we wish we didn’t have to incur, but a saving grace when we run into a situation where having the appropriate coverage saves a bundle. Murray Insurance in Annapolis, Maryland eases the weight of paying for insurance coverage by focusing on the actual insurance needs of real estate business owners.

Murray Insurance has been providing insurance coverage to real estate business owners since 1881. The insurance options offered at Murray are comprehensive and include packages for commercial real estate owners, rental properties and professional liability. Murray understands that every business has different needs, so their professionals will tailor an insurance offer instead of proposing a one size fits all deal.

Commercial real estate packages offered by Murray include General Liability, Commercial Property, Business Income and Commercial Auto Insurance as well as Worker’s Compensation. Coverage for rental properties includes Property & Dwelling, Personal Liability and Loss of Rental Income coverage.

As a professional in any industry, it is always a great idea to also consider a professional liability package. Murray Insurance offers insurance protection against claims of misrepresentation, violations of good faith, inaccurate advice, personal injury due to libel and slander, punitive damages, legal fees and disciplinary proceedings, and optional coverage for cyber network and security offenses.

Real Estate can be a tricky market. The length of time it takes to sell or rent a commercial property can be longer than anticipated and when the space is rented, despite careful pre-screening, the tenants don’t always turn out to be reliable. Once a space is rented, the possibility of a negligence suit against you, the owner, is always present.

Unfortunately, frivolous lawsuits are brought to court everyday. As a business owner, even though you’re not guilty, you will still incur all the legal fees, and possible blow to your reputation, associated with defending yourself.

Business insurance is a must for business owners. Murray Insurance out of Annapolis, Maryland, will help you sleep better at night by setting up the best insurance package for your business ease that will ease the cost of potentially disastrous situations.

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