In 1881, Henry Murray established a company that provides other contractors and businesses different options for insurance. Before this, those in the construction industry had few options to choose from. The Construction Business Insurance company was found in Anapolis, Maryland. From here, this company helps businesses of all sizes and of all specialities get the right insurance they need.

An Independent Agency

Henry Murray’s Construction Business Insurance is an independent insurance agency. Thus, they can offer the most flexible insurance plans and tailor them to the needs of their clients. That is, they understand how strike a balance between the client’s budget and what they are looking for.

General Liability

Most businesses benefit from buying General Liability Insurance or, often abbreviated to, GL. These businesses include construction businesses, general contractors and sub-contractors. GL covers clients from the following lawsuits: (a) bodily injury; (b) personal injury; (c) property damage; (d) contractual liability.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Henry Murray’s commercial auto insurance covers more than car accidents. Rather, it covers construction vehicles, trucks, flat beds, mixers, cranes, and many more. The wide range this insurance plan covers sets it apart from other insurance agencies that often cover a small set of vehicle types.

Tools & Equipment Insurance

Construction business owners can feel safe about their tools and equipment. Henry Murray’s covers all tools, equipment, and machinery on site. This coverage includes fire, weather, and theft.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

The law requires Maryland Employers to offer workers’ compensation for their employees. Henry Murray’s covers accidental bodily injury, diseases that have arisen due to work environment, and catastrophic events that may cause emotional distress or physical injury.

There are four benefits in Henry Murray’s worker’s compensation plan: (a) medical benefits; (b) income benefits; (c) death benefits; (d) rehabilitation benefits.

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