Donna Baronti was recognized at this years awards ceremony for donating her first gallon of blood.

AAMC Blood Mobile Program

Each year 3,000 patients at AAMC — your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors and, maybe even you — receive life-saving blood transfusions. That’s nearly 7,300 units of blood needed each year in our community. Because there is no substitute for human blood, these patients are counting on caring people like you to donate this precious resource. AAMC’s Blood Donor Center was established more than 30 years ago to serve the residents of this community. The unitBlood drops donated at AAMC’s Blood Donor Center stay in the community to help the people right here. We are here to make sure everyone receives the “gift of life” when they need it. In addition to the satisfaction of having made a vital contribution, you will receive a free mini-physical when you donate blood. This includes blood pressure, temperature, and blood iron level (for anemia). We can also provide you with a free cholesterol screening. So you are receiving, as well as giving.


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