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IT could happen to anyone. You’re online checking email, reading the news doing a little shoppping and  you get a pop-up warning that a virus was detected on your computer and you need to contact Microsoft immediately. The pop-up also provides you with the Microsoft support number.You trust Microsoft, right? What could go wrong?

IT could happen to anyone. You receive your credit card statement. You write the check and put it out in the mail the next day. A month later you receive a Past Due Notice with a much larger balance than you remember. What happened?

IT could happen to anyone. You are in a hurry and forgot to go to the bank. You stop at a local ATM to withdrawal cash. A few days later the bank calls because your account is overdrawn. Where did your money go?

IT could happen to anyone. You are leaving for vacation. Worrying about being pick pocketed, you have placed your wallet and your credit cards in a safe place. You are out at a wonderful dinner and give the waiter your credit card to pay the bill. He comes back and tells you your credit card has been declined. The next one and the one after that are declined as well. Who maxed out your credit cards?

What is IT?  IDENTITY THEFT  and IT can happen to you!

Most insurance policies now cover Identity Theft but the question is how to prevent it to start with.

Here are some resources that can help.

For computer security:

Knowledge Center:

Security Apps for Cell Phones:


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