Do you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance?


This insurance coverage is used to protect you against lawsuits by employees alleging  wrongful termination, discrimination , harassment, or other specified employment related exposures. One of the newer types of claims are with the computer system and explicit e-mails from one employee to another. Example: An employee who is a manager of the business received an explicit e-mail from one of his long time friends and it is of the explicit nature. He in turn says I am going to send it to an office friend by the name of AL by e-mail. The employee then click’s on his e-mail list and instead of sending the e-mail to Al it goes to all. Yes to all of the employees in the office. The next thing he knew is that he had 10 employees lined up at his door that just pushed a button called print screen and presented him with the explicit information. You can only question what happens from there. So make sure you add this coverage to your current policy or make sure you check all the employees e-mails before they send the wrong one.

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