Did you know that by Maryland Law if you pay employees for the work they do on your farm you are responsible for carrying workers compensation insurance.  Should they get hurt and cannot work for you, they cannot work for anyone else either and they are going to be looking for compensation.  They may have a family to feed, a mortgage and bills to pay.  They will be looking for money from somewhere for the loss of wages and the medical bills.

If you hire someone to perform work for you, such as cut and bail hay make sure you get a Certificate of Insurance from them showing they have current insurance coverage.  If not, when your audit is performed at yearend you may end up paying for this guy as an employee of yours that you had not anticipated in your payroll.

Workers Compensation policies are based on an estimated annual payroll and number of employees and then audited at year end for the exact payroll.

Review your farming situation and if we can be of help please feel free to contact me.

Pauline Brady, Account Manager

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