To make the agriculture operation a success it can probably not be a 7 month operation. We are certainly looking for ways to make it a year round, 12 month income producing operation.


tree farm

Planting Christmas trees for a cut your own tree operation has become popular. A good way to clear out some downed trees from storms throughout the year would be to cut up the wood and sell it for firewood. firewood Making jellies and jams from all the summer berries that you froze.  Making homemade wreaths and roping. And this was the year you bought a new pickup truck.  You could certainly get into snow removal. All are good ideas to bring in income for the winter months.

Now, it’s that time where you should review your farmowners policy to make sure you are covered for liability for that cut your own Christmas Tree operation along with selling homemade wreaths and cut firewood.  Are you planning on selling those jams, jellies, candies and root beer that you made?  All of these are a part of the holiday season.   But, do you have liability coverage to protect you should someone get injured while cutting their own tree or Products coverage should someone get sick from one of the jellies or jams.

Let’s not forget the proper coverage for snow removal that you are anticipating picking up this winter season to help make ends meet when you purchased that new pickup truck. It’s big enough to handle a snow plow.   No matter how big or small the operation, you need to make sure you have the proper liability coverage should something go wrong.

Contact your insurance agent to discuss in detail changes that may need to be made.

Pauline Brady, Account Manager




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