It’s easy to call an insurance company to obtain insurance coverage for your new or used vehicle…but, do you really know what kind of coverage, or how much coverage you will need to purchase to protect yourself, OR to protect others ?

Here are a couple of questions you should be asking yourself when you purchase car insurance:

  • How much liability coverage should I purchase for MY protection ? 
    • Will that be enough to pay for someone’s bodily injury if I am at fault ?


  • What kind of coverage do I have for the passengers in my vehicle ?
  • Am I covered if I am involved in an accident with an UNINSURED MOTORIST ?


  •  What does COMPREHENSIVE and COLLISION coverage cover ?


 First of all, you can never purchase TOO MUCH liability coverage. An accident can happen at any time, and you need to prepare for the worst.

BODILY INJURY LIABILITY Coverage protects you if you cause an accident that injures or kills someone. It provides funding for your legal defense and covers judgements against you if you are sued. It also pays for lost wages or medical expenses of anyone you injure. This coverage DOES NOT cover you or anyone else in your car.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS or PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION Coverage will protect you and your passengers if you are injured in an accident.

Your auto policy should also include UNINSURED MOTORIST Coverage which comes in (2) forms:

Bodily Injury, which covers you and your passengers if you are involved in an accident in which the person who caused the accident is either NOT insured, or does not have enough coverage to cover you, or your passenger’s bodily injury.

It also covers the Property Damage to your vehicle.

Your policy can also include COMPREHENSIVE and /or COLLISION coverage to protect your vehicle if it is damaged.

Comprehensive Coverage protects you if something other than a collision damages your vehicle. Some events it covers are:

  • Theft
  • Glass damage
  • Damage resulting from striking an animal
  • Vandalism
  • Natural disasters, hail damage, flood and fire damage
  • Damage resulting from a falling object

Collision Coverage will take care of the damage to your vehicle as a result of you hitting another vehicle, or object.

It is always best to discuss your coverage with your insurance agent so that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are doing your best to protect yourself, and others if an accident may occur. There is no telling how much coverage is needed to fully cover yourself, or someone else, but knowing and understanding your coverage, and updating your coverage to protect yourself and your assets is a good start.

Greg A. Clem, Personal Lines Representative

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