Are you using Drones in your business?

If so, you may not have liability coverage under your standard policy.  With the popularity of Drones being used for many applications in the business sector over the recent years, many insurance carriers have added both bodily injury and property damage exclusions for them under Commercial Liability policies.

Be sure to review your policy to see if any of these exclusions exist: CG2109 0615, CG2110 0615 or CG2111 0615 and if so, contact your agent to discuss what options are available.  Even the standard General Liability form CG0001 has and exclusion relating to Aircraft, which to most interpretations will include Drones.

Many insurance carriers can add the coverage to properly cover this operation, depending on the nature of the exposure of course and if not, true standalone policies are now available to properly cover you.


Folks control the risk and don’t let it control you or your business!

Scott Wanner, CLCS, CMIP

Insurance Agent – Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist, Certified Marine Insurance Professional

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