Computer virus

Ransom ware attacks on businesses and individuals are increasing.  Your files are encrypted and you receive an email with a demand for a bitcoin payment or your files will be destroyed.

As with most computer viruses, victims are often first targeted with a fraudulent email or from visiting  a compromised website.   If hackers can get victims to open an email and then download an attachment, then they can infiltrate their computer.  How can this be prevented?  Keep your operating system up to date, renew your anti-virus software regularly, back up your files on a daily or weekly basis, and never download anything from an email address you don’t recognize. Many cybersecurity experts warn that people should be particularly skeptical of emails with attachments that appear to be from trusted brands, like FedEx or Amtrak, when they arrive unexpectedly.   Ask us about cyber liability coverages that can be added to your insurance program to protect against this and more.

Luther “Skip” Shepherd, III , CIC

Vice President

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