What do Target, The Home Depot, Internal Revenue Service and LinkedIn all have in common? They’ve all experienced a Cyber attack. Yes, they are huge corporations that are a hacker’s dream come true but, even “the little guy” can experience a data breach or cyber attack!

Do you hold any personally identifiable information in your database such as employee/customer names, birthdates social security numbers and/or credit card numbers? If your system was hacked and this information was stolen could you afford the direct costs your business may face such as notification, credit monitoring and public relations expenses? What if a lawsuit was brought against your company by a third party (such as your compromised employee) as a result of a data breach? Would your current Businessowners or Package policy be able to respond?

Do you have a policy in place for employee email and internet use? Most recently, ransomware viruses are popping up on computers country-wide. Ransomare are viruses attackers use that “Instead of going after high-value, heavily fortified systems, like banks or corporations, that require complex technological skills to hack, cybercriminals use ransomware to go straight for easy targets: small businesses, schools, hospitals, and Joe Blow computer users like us, who are likely to pay a few hundred—or a few thousand—bucks to get our digital lives back.”  You and your employees should be aware of these types of situations to help prevent your business from a potentially crippling cyber loss.

This article from TIME is an eye-opener for large and small businesses alike. The statistics are frightening…

Don’t wait for cyber-crime to strike! Our agency is here to help you with any unique situation. We have access to many helpful resources and carriers with competitive cyber liability rates. Contact one of our knowledgeable Commercial Account representatives today.

Chandra Procopio, Account Manager


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