You rent a house or apartment and do not have renters insurance.   You don’t own that much stuff, or so you think.

What’s the risk?  Well, if the following happened to you, could you use help from an insurance policy to take care of what these incidents could end up costing?

What if soot and smoke from a heating system malfunction causes damage to all your clothes and furniture?Fire Gutted Windows on Brick Building

What if there is a fire in the building and you are displaced and have to rent elsewhere temporarily?

        The fire may not have even damaged your unit.


What if you injure someone with a grocery cart at the store?

What if you injure someone with a golf cart or errant shot while playing golf?

What if your laptop and I-phone were stolen from your car?  Or from a hotel room while on vacation?

What if you open an umbrella under a crowded overhang before venturing out in the rain and poke someone in the eye?

What if you damage or set fire to the house you’re renting due to a grilling accident on the deck?

What if you misplaced a ring worth $5,000?



A renters policy is inexpensive compared to the alternative costs of these types of accidents and if written with same company as your auto insurance, can cut the costs of that policy with the multi-policy discounts that are probably available.

 Skip Shepherd, CIC – Vice-President


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