When making improvements to your home that boost your home’s value be sure your home insurance coverage is adequate and does not leave you vulnerable to losses.  When you add the new solar panels to the roof make sure you have increased your dwelling coverage to include the costs of those solar panels.

This time of the year many homeowners worry about loss of power due to hurricanes, high winds, heavy snows.  They start looking into purchasing whole house generators, replacing old windows with more energy efficient windows, adding insulation, weather stripping and all of this can costs thousands of dollars, have you increased your dwelling coverage to pick up these improvements?  All of these add value to your home when you have to replace it.

Some of these improvements can also trigger lower premiums.  When your home has been upgraded with a new HVAC system, new plumbing, roof and electric system it can possibly put your home in a category for a better premium.  Who doesn’t want a lower premium?

It’s time to give your agent a call and talk serious talk about your policy and what it covers.

Pauline Brady 


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