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Can you tell which one of these homes is vacant?  Does it matter?


Once a home is vacant for 30 or 60 consecutive days (depending on the policy), a typical homeowners policies will not cover vandalism, water damage, glass breakage, or theft. With 13 million homes sitting vacant  in the United States, homeowners are opening themselves up to potentially disastrous losses  unless they secure adequate vacant property coverage.

Does the value of the home matter if you decide not to insure a vacant property?


It is not just about covering the home but covering you and your assets.

What if:

  • Someone breaks in and
    • starts a  fire
    • break windows
    • steal appliances or fixtures
  • Prospective buyers trip and fall
  • A child drowns in the swimming pool or pond
  • Pipes burst and cause extensive damage to drywall and flooring
  • A storm knocks down a tree and damages the roof

These claims more than likely are going to be paid by you due to the exclusion in the homeowners policy.

Call us today for a quote to insure your vacant home.


Robin Greulich, Account  Representative



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