I read an article in Primary Agent Magazine’s January issue titled: “5 Musts for Insurance Agents Trying to Reach Millennials.” Being a Millennial myself, I was interested in what the article had to say. The author, Brent Kelly, argued that Millennials don’t want a product; they want a personality i.e. they won’t buy a product for the sake of the pitch, they want a product they can connect with.

Before I explain any further, I first want to clarify the term “Millennial.” A Millennial is anyone born between 1984 – 1998, give or take a few years. They relish individuality; they gravitate toward authenticity and accessability. These ideals can easily be applied to insurance. Companies can change the conversation from “what we do” to “why we do it.” Millennials have the world at their fingertips; they can figure out for themselves what an insurance company can do. The “why” comes from the agent: why do you think your company is the best option for me? How can you help me in the most efficient manner? If an agent can answer these questions with integrity, if they can stand out from the crowd, Millennials will not only hold tight but also recommend your business. Bottom line: Insurance companies need to shift the perspective of selling insurance to include genuine connections with customers who are constantly connected to the world around them.  This is what we offer , Building Relationships one client at a time.

Ashley Taylor



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