As Valentine’s Day has passed how common will these headlines be?

Lost Ring During Proposal At Yankee’s Stadium

Skydiver drops ring during proposal

Engagement Ring lost on beach

Bride to be drops ring in waterfall


What do you do when this happens? Can you replace this ring? Is there anything you can do? Well it depends on who you called after you purchased the ring. If you called your Insurance Agent and asked to have this beautiful ring added to your insurance policy you are in luck. If you didn’t…… well I guess it is the thought that counts.

Seriously though have you ever thought about what happens if you lose a piece of jewelry? Did you know that you can insure it for its full value? Follow these steps when purchasing new jewelry, if you receive a piece of jewelry or if you have jewelry you have never insured.

  1. Get an appraisal. If it is brand new most companies will accept the bill of sale or receipt.
  2. Call your insurance agent immediately and provide them with the above.
  3. When you are not wearing keep in a secure place.
  4. When traveling do not put in a checked bag.
  5. Have your jewelry cleaned and inspected regularly.

Hopefully you will never need to file a claim but if you did wouldn’t it be nice to hear, “Don’t worry. It’s covered!”


Robin Greulich

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