School’s out for summer – now what? Millions of children are running for the door as they have been anticipating the summer break for weeks now.  The final bell has rung and parents are cringing at the thought of summer break due to the worry their child will lose months of learning.

Summer is the perfect time for children to discover that learning is fun and can happen anywhere. Learning can take place whether you are taking a trip to a far-off place or spending the summer in your own neighborhood.  Summer should be a time to relax, take a brake and explore new ideas, interest and places, all while learning.

Your television is blasting, you look up and a show is on about animals. Turn off the TV and plan a day trip to your local zoo.  While at the zoo children will be exposed to new words and concepts.  It will even encourage parents and siblings to engage with each other more, teaching us how to bond better.

Camping is another great way to spend your summer learning wheatear you stay in a cabin, rent a RV or pitch a tent in the back yard. Camping is another great way for the family to bond while learning.  Learning how to make a camp fire, how to cook over your camp fire, how to put the fire out safely, pitch a tent, use a compass, etc are al great learning and bonding moment’s.

Anyway you spend your summer with kids, make sure they are engaged and learning. The National Summer Learning Association has a wonderful website that is full of great ideas to keep your children learning. Also there is a website that will show you 48 Ultra-Cool Summer sites that will keep kids productive and learning this summer at their finger tips.

Stephanie Carter

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