I know I’m getting older since I now have an interest in Medicare.   Did you know that if you are still working for an employer with 20 or more employees, that you may elect to keep your coverage, sign up for Medicare Part A (hospitalization) but delay signing up for Medicare Part B (Dr visits, tests, etc) which costs$134 or more a month?  If you work for an employer of less than 20 employees, Medicare generally becomes your primary coverage when you turn 65 & you need to sign up for both parts A & B.  The enrollment period starts 3 months before your 65th birthday and ends 3 months after.   There are penalties for late enrollment in coverage B, so sign up on time or know what the penalties are to make the right decision for yourself.   Check the insurance plans available for Medicare Supplements (for deductibles & co-pays) & Part D (prescriptions).

 Skip Shepherd


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